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Facebook is dead? Long live Facebook!

Why I moved to MeWe but still use Facebook.

The short answer is that the frustration of Facebook not showing me what I wanted to see eventually became too much for me. I wanted to see posts from friends and … Read the rest

8km Sunbird Centre loop in Silvermine East Nature Reserve

I will be adding different training routes to my blog. I will also over time adopt the route scheme that describes the difficulty, terrain etc. This is a loop run that starts at the Table Mountain National Park’s Sunbird Educational … Read the rest

35km UTCT 2016

Described by another runner as the UTCT ‘Fun Run’ this 35km route can be anything but fun if you are not ready for it. With almost 2000m of climb it is a good introduction to ultra-distance trail running. It also … Read the rest

24km Chapman’s Neck Route

The route starts at the entrance Noordhoek Village on Village Lane. I wanted to incorporate little of the Noordhoek beach so the route goes down to beach road.

From the beach you climb the Moneky Valley stairs up to Chapman’s … Read the rest

35km Bastille Day Trail Race

The Bastille Day trail race is one of my favorites. Hands down. I did my first one (15km) in 2014 and I was in love. The route has it all; no tar, climbs, rocky paths, river crossings, mud, marsh, runnable … Read the rest

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